CarryMap 5.4

Created and edits maps in ArcGIS Desktop
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5.4.2137 (See all)
DataEast, LLC.

Expand the functionality of ArcGIS Desktop by adding the extension for generating maps compatible with any standard Windows OS including Windows Mobile. Exporting data, sharing created files, adding them to presentations or writing on a physical disk are among the options.

DataEast CarryMap is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that lets you create distributable portable maps in a short time and with minimal effort.
Map application created with Carry Map can be run on any Windows computer or Windows Mobile device by any user – no need for additional software or professional GIS skills. You can send it, add it to a presentation, burn to a CD or put up to your web site for download.

Single executable file contains both your spatial data and advanced viewer with user-friendly interface, search capabilities, GPS navigation, choice of a variety of skins, and multilanguage support.

Spatial data is compressed and protected – no limits to distribution and no threat to the integrity of your data. You can further regulate the user access to the map applications created with Carry Map by setting password protection and/or usage time limits.

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